"WWF’s mission in Cambodia is to ensure that there will be strong participation and support from all people to conserve the country’s rich biological diversity. "
 / ©: Sambo.Chheng / WWF-Cambodia
Tiger Photo Competition #globaltigerday
© Sambo.Chheng / WWF-Cambodia

Tiger Photo Competition

Tiger provides healthy ecosystem for forests. Number of tiger is at its lowest ever and 97% of tiger loss in the last 100 years. Total number of tiger in the world is around 3200. The last wild tiger seen in Cambodia was in 2007. 


As Global Tiger Day is on the 29th July 2015 , WWF-Cambodia is organising a tiger photo competition to commemorate how tigers are not only found in the forest, but also around us. 


Take part in our challenge by:


1. Taking photo of anything with a tiger logo, image or brand on it (except alcoholic brands)


2. Posting the photo on your wall by mentioning @wwf-cambodia and #globaltigerday


3. Message the uploaded photo to WWF-Cambodia Facebook Page to be reviewed


Join the competition now until Global Tiger Day which is on the 29th July, 2015 at 12 pm. The best three photo submissions will receive a voucher worth $50 from Brown Coffee or Domino's Pizza! Complimentary prizes are up for grabs as well!! 

Join our campaign to end the illegal wildlife trade. We must kill the trade that kills elephants, ... / ©: naturepl.com / Jeff Vanuga / WWF
© naturepl.com / Jeff Vanuga / WWF